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Golf- Don't Get Carried Away You only need to watch golf for a few tournaments where the pros sweep the course to get the golf bug. Suddenly you decide you want to learn to play. How hard can it be right? But you shall be in for shock. How hard can it be after all, all you do is put the ball on a small tee and hit in down the fairway. Simple! You might want to play around a bit before you go and spend loads of money on clubs and balls.

Anyone can learn to play golf and when someone does they generally enjoy it. The are learn to play centers everywhere now and for the most part it doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming considering you can hire a cart if you don't want to walk the course. Beginners though usually have a tougher time than advanced golfers though because they have a harder time controlling the ball. Beginners spend more time walking the course and traversing across wooded areas, valleys, sand traps, water traps and hills looking for and retrieving a golf ball. Golf is a great game but it is tiring for the beginning as there is a lot to learn and accomplish in a short space of time.

But beginners have to play on a course some time as hitting at the range can be boring. So what ever you do don't go buying expensive golf clubs, golf balls, golf bags, golf shoes, or even golf lessons until you know that you really love it. Borrow some from friends or buy inexpensive second hand items to use until you know you are going to stick with it. When people give you tips and tricks take them all in and find the ones that work for you. Ultimately though the only thing you need to do is get the ball into the hole on the green in as few strokes as possible.


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