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Develop Laser Focus with Zen Patience and Get Results

"Try these great golfing tips your next time out."

Discover How Much Time you can Save. Dear Friend, Make the Time to ask these simple questions. Trust me they will be well worth it. * How to develop focus that gives results? * Why is patience so important? We live in a Fast Food world. We want things as fast as possible and we want the best.

No one wants to wait anymore. Personally, I hate waiting. Waiting is terrible. Lines at the store kill me and so does waiting for a package to arrive seems to take forever. The worst part about waiting is that I feel that I could be doing so much more with my time and energy rather than waiting.

So why am I talking about waiting to you? Here is the secret! I'm not talking about waiting, but Focus, Patience, and the amazing results if you know how to get them. Discover the Way of the Tortoise and leave the Rat Race behind. And win an amazing prize If you truly want to get the best of the best you have to invest two simple things. *Patience: Nothing happens immediately. You must give some time in order to get any results.

Learn to the fastest and most effective ways to invest your time to get results you want. *Focus: Pay attention to your results. There are times that you will need to change your entire plan in a second, but you'll miss it if you're not paying attention. Remember you are not careful everything you want will fall apart in seconds. Some of the people I talk to say, "Is that it? Focus and Patience, but I still want and need things faster." This is Practical Time Management and wishing doesn't work here.

You have to make it happen. What works is dealing with Stress, Goal-setting, Determination, Organization, Networking, and even Structured Procrastination. A farmer does not yell at a seed and expect it to grow into a huge plant in a day. They spend all year developing that plant and waiting for harvest. Tiger Woods did not just one day pick up a golf club and win the Masters.

He spent a lifetime learning to be a good as he is now. Lance Armstrong has put more patience and focus than I could ever imagine into winning 7 titles. Still, he was not always the best. He put in the time and effort to become a Legend. They know that nothing comes from simply wishing and hoping for the best.

Let's go over these areas again *** Focus on one thing at a time. Invest what you want out of it. If you give little you'll get little out of it. Be extremely selective of what you focus your time and energy in. *** Patience in the results you get.

Keep working at it as long as you see the progressive results. A master knows that results are the difference between beating a dead horse and encouraging a slow moving horse. I am sorry. I just dropped a concept there without introducing it. Progressive Results is whenever you see that your efforts are getting the results that keep you toward your goals.

This is divides Patience and Waiting. If you are not getting the results you want and need for a prolonged time. Change it, but organize and focus your energy and time in the correct direction first. Please reread the last few sentences before you move on. They are amazingly important to you success in time management and life.

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