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"Try these great golfing tips your next time out."

Uses for Custom Embroidered Golf Shirts Custom embroidered golf shirts can be part of a sharp, professional uniform for a variety of industries. Custom embroidered golf shirts as part of a uniform are also an excellent way to advertise your company by providing yet another opportunity to place your company name and logo in front of possible and existing clients. Companies also give custom embroidered golf shirts away as customer loyalty gifts, promotional products, employee incentives, tournament prizes and door prizes. Some schools include custom embroidered golf shirts as part of their school uniform. Where to find Custom Embroidered Golf Shirts Custom embroidered golf shirts can be ordered through a local embroidery company or through an online embroidery company. Options available when purchasing Custom Embroidered Golf Shirts Choose from solid, patterned, pocketed and long sleeve custom embroidered golf shirts.

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