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Create A Gift Basket For A Golfer Lover!

"Try these great golfing tips your next time out."

The choice of what gift to give your family and friends can often be a difficult one. One of the best gifts that you can give is a gift basket. A gift basket is that one present that comes in many shapes, themes and of course, price ranges. A gift basket is easy and fun to make. The diversity of gift baskets is never-ending.

You can give a weekend pack gift basket or a relaxing gift basket (required after a weekend away playing golf) or a simple basket with balls and tees. The type of gift basket you choose and create is only limited by your imagination. Here is a simple basket that you can easily create yourself for that special "Golf Mad Person":Pick a gift basket style. I like to use either a Golf Bag or a bucket (try a metal or heavy plastic golf ball bucket, like the ones at a driving range) which later can be used for collection of practice balls. Next select a variety of items that have a golf theme which will later be packed into the decorative basket that you have chosen especially for the recipient.When selecting the gifts for the Golf Lover choose items such as golf balls, personalized golf balls, tees and ball markers, books about golfing, golfing coffee mugs, golf theme mouse pads, sunscreen, waterproof raingear, golfing shirts and handheld golf games.To add a little extra to your gift basket for the Golf Lover include: A cap with their name embroidered on the front, a personalized hand towel and a video on improving their golf game.If you are on a budget try a small gift basket.

I would suggest using a metal bucket and include some sunscreen, tees and balls. When you are finished, wrap the Gift Basket with cellophane paper and raffia to give it a finishing touch. Use shredded paper inside the basket to hold the goodies in place. Tie a tee with a message attached to it for that added touch.


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