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Villa Rentals on South Carolina's Hilton Head Island

"Try this great golf vacation idea."

Hilton Head Island is a vacation destination for over two million people each year. While the beaches and facilities are still not crowded on this large island, vacationers value their time, and want a truly restful experience. Many times, vacationers want more room, more amenities, or more privacy than is available in a rented room or small condo. Villa rentals fill the needs of the larger family or travel group, the group that would like a more comfortable and longer stay, or the visitor who wants the luxury offered by a stand-alone villa. Villas are the accommodation of choice for two thirds of island visitors. Hilton Head villa rentals are available on all parts of this South Carolina barrier island.

Many of the residential plantations have such facilities for rent, as well as those offered by private owners. Some villas have ocean views, while others are near one of the many golf courses on the island. Many are scattered in existing exclusive communities, giving stability to the neighborhoods as locals live next to vacationers. These villas come fully furnished and decorated. Villas can be cozy two-bedroom, two-bath cottages, mid-sized three- or four-bedroom homes, or spacious seven- to nine-bedroom mansions. Linens and kitchen utensils, as well as laundry facilities, home electronics, and internet access are available.

Many times, the villas will have private yards, spas, or hot tubs. More up-scale villas come with their own cook and staff. Prices for the rental villas vary according to size and location on the island. A villa will be more economical for a family than a hotel room as well. In the peak season, a family could save several hundred dollars in rent by choosing a villa. Also, off-season rental can be as much as 30% less than during the peak summer season.

In the winter, a small villa can rent for $1,000 a month. Hilton Head villa rentals are a realistic option all year long.

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