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Golf can be a relaxing pastime and sport that provides the benefits of getting exercise, enjoying the outdoors, and relieving stress. However, if you are serious about the game and have trouble with your golf swing, the basic fundamental of the sport, your stress level will negate all the other benefits associated with golfing.


Everything built well begins with a solid foundation. Your golf swing is no different. Therefore, when beginning to analyze your golf swing start by focusing on your stance.

With golf club in hand take your normal stance and approach the ball as if you are going to take your swing. Then lay your driver down so that the shaft is touching the toes of your left and right shoe. This will reveal the direction of your feet in relationship to the pin that you are driving the ball towards.

If the golf club is not directly pointing towards the pin or your target, adjust the shaft of the club accordingly. Then reposition your feet so that the toes are touching the shaft of the club.

The next part of your stance addresses your shoulders and hips. They too should be completely in-line or parallel with the golf club lying at your feet.

With this in mind, pick up your golf club and practice a few swings keeping your shoulders and hips parallel to that imaginary line there at the base of your toes. Your golf swing should always reflect this rule of being parallel to the imaginary line directed towards your target.


The second step in analyzing your golf swing is taking note of the swing itself. Of particular help may be the assistance of a golfing partner to help you with the analyzing of your form.

The first part of your golf swing to study is the bringing of the club back to its uppermost position. The actual start of the swing should be even in nature and fluid. Additionally, while your club is on the backward portion of the swing and overhead, hesitate for a very slight moment.

Following that slight hesitation let your downward golf swing flow in the same even nature towards the ball. It is important to remember that speed and forcefulness are not characteristics of a good golf swing.

Additionally, take note of your downward golf swing beginning from this upward position. Do you keep your wrists straight or is there a hint of wrist movement? It is recommended that the movement of the wrists should take place just as the golf club is horizontal to the ground.


Thirdly, in analyzing your golf swing, when your club makes contact with the golf ball it is important to remember that you are not playing baseball. The power to drive the golf ball should not be drawn from your arms and shoulders. The drive given to the ball should be drawn from your entire upper body as well as your legs. Also, remember to follow the path of your golf club that was lying at your feet to position your stance. Your golf swing should stay parallel with the shaft of that club that was directed towards your target.

Follow Through

The last critical element in analyzing your golf swing is swinging through the drive. It is important when you have made contact with the ball that you continue for an additional five to six inches following in parallel the imaginary path of the golf club laying on the ground.

Finally, complete the swing with that same fluid motion bringing the golf club to the opposite side of the body and above the head. Good luck!

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