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How A Simple Golf Stretch Can Add 20 Yards To Your Drives

To quickly improve your golf, stretch your golf muscles regularly! What’s the difference between a “golf stretch” and an everyday stretch? The answer to this question may be your missing link to a great game and years of enjoyment instead of frustration and weak attempts at quitting the game.

I know…you’ve considered it! I’ve been there many times. But the bottom line…we keep coming back!

So to end the years of frustration and quickly transform your game, you need to do golf stretches daily. Yes, that’s right…daily!

It will only take you a few minutes to get them done, but the improvement in your game will be quick and dramatic. The return on this investment (of time) is well worth it.

Now which stretches to do to get the quickest return?

That’s a personal issue. Everyone has different limitations. Some are backswing related, others are follow through or even maintaining your golf posture.

Below I’m going to list a couple of golf stretches that will help you prevent back pain and increase your backswing range of motion for longer drives.

The first golf stretch is the Lying Leg Crossover:

  • Lie on back with legs extended.
  • Raise one leg and bend at knee to 90 degrees in knee and hip.
  • Cross that leg over extended leg, while opposite shoulder stays on ground.
  • Go until slight pull in butt and lower back.
  • Hold for 15 seconds and repeat once more.
  • Switch legs and do opposite side.

This simple golf stretch will not only make your back feel better, but it will improve your ability to make a bigger turn, with less hip movement, creating torque and energy.

The second golf stretch is the Backswing Stretch:

  • Extend left arm out in front of you (if you are a right handed golfer).
  • Take right hand and put under left wrist.
  • Pull with right hand against left wrist and make as big a turn on back swing as possible.
  • Hold for at least 15 seconds, repeat once more and do the opposite for arm for your follow thru side.

This simple golf stretch will loosen up the muscles in the back of your shoulders and your upper back (lats), for more freedom on both your backswing and follow through.

Do these two stretches daily and watch your game improve quickly.

Note: These are only 2 golf stretches isolating certain areas of the body. To get the full benefit for your golf game, you need to do golf stretches for each muscle group.

Mike Pedersen is a respected golf fitness expert, and the author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, numerous golf fitness tips and founder of several online golf fitness sites. For more information on his new, cutting-edge golf fitness e-book, go to

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