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"Out drive your competition by using Nike One golf balls."

Over the past few years, golf ball technology has evolved from a primarily wound-ball construction to the solid core/two piece construction to the double-core/four piece construction. The features typically resulted in a ball that was relatively long off the tee or responsive around the green but no one had created a ball that could benefit golfers at the highest levels of performance at both ends of the course.

"That Holy Grail, if you will, has always eluded engineers," said Stan Grissinger, Category Business Director for Nike Golf's golf ball division. "We think the Nike One is as close as anyone has come to reaching perfection, and that ideal is now only slightly out of reach."

Throughout extensive R&D studies, Nike determined that by meticulously varying the layers or covers surrounding the core would induce different reactions from the ball when struck, and thus open the path toward the creation of a perfect ball.

Last fall, at about the same time Nike Golf introduced its hottest core to date, Nike settled on a combination of three covers that, when applied to the new core, worked in concert to provide optimum results.

It's the first ball with three covers that is designed to respond to swing speed and club angle to maximize distance and regulate spin. In layman's terms, the Nike One is designed to react based upon where the golfer is at on the golf course.

Nike Power Distance TI-V Golf Ball at Austad's

Breaking down the Nike One

Nike Golf's proprietary blend of highly responsive polybutadiene that supplies explosive distance - variations popular in Nike Golf's Super Series and TA2 golf balls
In Tiger's words - "A faster core for longer distance."

Inner Cover:
Designed to transfer maximum energy to an extremely hot core for high velocity
In Tiger's words - On drives, fairway woods and long irons shots: "You want to generate maximum power to the center of the ball. The inner cover transfers energy to the core for great distance."

Middle Cover:
Designed to control approach shots with target accuracy and reduce sidespin to minimize mis-hits
In Tiger's words - On middle iron shots: "You need to be aggressive without sacrificing control. The middle cover is firmer, so the ball responds for me with true accuracy."

Outer Cover:
Designed to enhance touch and increase spin, aerodynamically cut through the wind for maximum carry, and last all day

In Tiger's words - On short irons and wedges: "You try to hit a target, either to stop it or let it run a precise distance. The outer cover isolates impact, creating excellent spin and feel."


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