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Yogalates for Golf

To swing a golf club simply rotate back then rotate forward while shifting your weight accordingly around the axis of motion of each hip. To this simple version of the swing, add a few things such as a good grip, proper weight transfer, maintain spine angles, stay balanced, correct tempo, proper alignment, etc…, and you’ve got every reason to expect a single digit handicap.

Golfers for the ages have pondered how something so simple could become so complex.

The simpler and more automatic the golf swing, the greater the chance of having a successful result. Physical training incorporating moves, weight transfer, and body positions consistent with a proper swing will help achieve a swing with no conscious thoughts other than where the ball is going.

YOGALATES FOR GOLF is the first golf fitness program combining Yoga and Pilates aimed at improving the golfer’s ability to play without the negative influence of swing thoughts.

The “Train To Engrain” philosophy of GoLo GolFitness has been incorporated into foot positioning, weight transfer, spine angles, posture, as well as stretches, strengthening and balance activities.

Yoga and Pilates are often associated with golf training but never in the technically correct manner associated with YOGALATES FOR GOLF.

Exercising along with the instructor 2-3 times weekly will result in physical changes that will improve the golfer’s ability to perform the most efficient and effective swing.

Neuro-muscular education will also occur and begin to improve technical aspects of the swing without conscious thought.

YOGALATES FOR GOLF is fun, effective and quite a physical challenge. Golf swings will improve, but also expect to see functional gains throughout the day as endurance, balance, and flexibility improvements develop greater movement capabilities and positive postural changes.

William Breland is a nationally recognized Physical Therapist, Touring Golf Porfessional, and the creator of Yogalates. YOGALATES FOR GOLF DVDs are found at select Golf Pro Shops, or you may contact a GoLo Certified GolFitness Specialist in your area, or go directly to

To find out more about the GoLo Golf Fitness System or to schedule your personal E-GolfBody Screen go to

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