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Four Golfing Tips To Improve Your Drive

I know a lot of us golfers have headed up the main drive to the
golf course, in anticipation of hitting the big golf ball off
the tee.

There are four main procedures that we all seem to overlook
 at times. Hitting the big one, or launching it off the tee has
four important steps to consider before we let the golf
ball fly.

Driving Tip #1 - Tee it up!

Why would golfers risk taking a divot with a driver?
The risk reward is far greater if you have the ball sitting
slightly off the grass. Sure you will get a lower trajectory
ball flight, but the chances of taking some grass with it are

When you have just air between the clubface and the
golf ball, the club head speed will be far faster than having
grass in between. Tee it up and let it fly!

Driving Tip #2 - Check your alignment

Alignment on the tee box is very important. I know a lot of
golfers have been fooled, including myself by the layout and
design of the tee box. The architect purposely designed the
golf course in such a way, that you have to think before you

Nothing is more discouraging, than launching the big one off the
tee in the wrong direction, sometimes you will find the tee box
facing southwest, and the fairway is heading southeast. To avoid
this directional hazard, one must stand behind the golf ball and
look down the fairway, and not down the tee box.

Another foolproof method would be to address the ball with the club
head behind the golf ball looking down the fairway and stepping
into position. Once your aiming in the right direction, go ahead
and launch it off the tee box!

Driving Tip #3 - Plant your feet

I would like to think the third important procedure, would be
to plant your feet. I don't know how many times we have stepped
into the ball and only to find out that our footing has gave
away below us, especially on early mornings because of the dew
on the grass or wet weather conditions.

Have you ever seen a golfer waggle at address? It may seem like
a long ritual, but it works. Planting your feet will keep the upper
portion of the body steady for a good liftoff.

Driving Tip #4 - Keep your head still

The other important procedure, is keeping your head still. Have
you ever watched Jack tilt his head up slightly and steering
directly behind the ball, before liftoff?

His head is locked into position. I've personally have tried lifting
my head slightly. I find by doing so, it leaves a little more room for
shoulders to turn freely through the upper coil of the body.

Keeping your head steady is the key indicator as to where the
clubface has to return for impact. In having a steady head will
avoid a lot of guessing as to where the ball is at impact. Lock
your upper portion of the body in place by starting with a
steady head and let her go!
With the ball teed up, right direction, a steady head and feet
planted, the golf muscle memory will take care of the rest.

About The Author: Learned how to golf as a caddie, and played
the game for 20 - 25 years. Now running a tee time site at

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