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If you want to lower your score, learning the proper golf swing for you is the best route to go. Every person is unique, we are all different sizes, heights, weights, we have different tolerances to the sun, wind, temperature, and we even have arms and legs that are different lengths. Why on earth would we think that one golf swing would suit us all?

The fact of the matter is that there is no one size fits all golf swing. The best golf swing for you is something that will be an evolutionary process. The best golf swing for your game today may also not be your best swing a year or two from now. Even players on the PGA tour struggle with this as we have seen quite often from one game to the next. That being said, hiring a PGA pro to help your game is a great idea.

First of all, they are trained to know what to look for and help you find the best swing for you. Second, they are probably much better than the guy in the golf cart behind you whose score is really about the same as yours. Trust me, golfers love to offer advice, even if that advice is really bad. Smile, nod, they are trying to be friendly, and continue on. Then consult your pro, occasionally other golfers will offer good valid advice, most of the time this is not the case however.

So how does the proper swing lower your golf score? Well think about it, everything in golf comes down to your swing. Every stroke you make or donít have to make is a direct result of your swing. When I was first learning to play golf, the first time I made par on a hole you would have thought I had just won the open. I was much younger, less reserved, and truly excited at the time. While I am no pro by any means at the moment, I have learned a great deal about golf (and the wrong way to go about it) in the meantime.

Knowing that your swing affects every aspect of your golf game, people spend surprisingly little time trying to improve their control of their golf swings, rather spending an exorbitant amount of time trying to improve the power. Power is good if you have control, without control all you are gaining by increasing your power is the amount of ground you must cover when searching for your ball. Power without control will not lower your score; it will raise it.

If you truly want to lower your score with your golf swing, practice the things your pro tells you religiously, spend time learning your swing, how it feels when it is right, how it feels when it is wrong, and most importantly stop going for distance and concentrate on control, it is definitely the better of the two problems to have a handle on. This alone should help you lower your golf score. Find every exercise you can to help you learn control over your swing and you will eventually improve not only in accuracy but distance as well.

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